Monthly Archives: February 2007

Pilfering the planet in the name of a greener fuel…

I stumbled on this today in my roaming of the internet fog:

Open Source goodieness(is that even a word?)

Well the Merchant Ale House was again very kind to me. As I finished my last pint of the evening I thought I’d make the concerted effort to talk about something that I read about earlier in the day that gave me a little hope for this self destructing breed we call the human race. […]

End of the MPAA/RIAA Reich?

So, what I’ve hoped for in every fiber of my being is about to come to fruition. The demise of DRM. And with it, hopefully the demise of the SS – Oops, I mean the the RIAA and MPAA. I can’t help but vocalize the glaring similarities between the raids done by the Nazi’s during […]

Comparisons and Similarities

This year is one of the first years I’ve started watching TV shows on a regular basis. The reason for this two-fold: 1) I get to watch the shows I want on my own time and 2) …well two doesn’t matter because reason one is such a big factor. This year I feel in love […]