End of the MPAA/RIAA Reich?

So, what I’ve hoped for in every fiber of my being is about to come to fruition. The demise of DRM. And with it, hopefully the demise of the SS – Oops, I mean the the RIAA and MPAA. I can’t help but vocalize the glaring similarities between the raids done by the Nazi’s during the war and the raids orchestrated by these two organizations that have been given way too many liberties as of late.

With the recent manifesto by Steve Jobs on the issue of DRM and rumblings of Amazon.com’s interest in coming into the digital download market only when DRM-free services are instituted, I’m hoping this is the necessary one two combo the we need to knockout DRM.

This is what I hope to see in the future:

1. DRM dies

2. Laws get passed to make DRM obsolete

3. DRM dies even more – for good

4. Companies that have DRM enable equipment (phones, mp3 players, fill in your device here) are forced to put out a firmware or software update that disables or even eradicates DRM on said devices

5. Companies that have launched suits against…whoever… have the tables turned on them and are in turn liable for any losses that said parties have incurred, i.e. cd’s purchased for the sole purpose of putting an mp3 as a ringtone and are unable to do so, frustrations experienced, fill in liability here

6. RIAA and MPAA are held accountable for every and all damaged they have caused to home, job, reputation, stress, and absolutely anything was executed in the name of their DRM witch-hunt

7. RIAA and MPAA – and all who are involved – explode and leave a crater where they once occupied for all to remember these mistakes

I feel once these steps are actualized, we can live in the free society that we were used to…or were getting used to. When we become semi sane again, I hope we will be able to see the mistakes that were made, and how anti-common-sense they were, and become a little more enlightened as to the other insane things that we are surrounded by. I hope then we can see that these same steps (substitute appropriate organizations here) can be applied to situations such as…..Medical Patents?

Well, I’ll leave that for another day.

Phewph, that was quite a rant. I think I need a beer.