Pilfering the planet in the name of a greener fuel…

I stumbled on this today in my roaming of the internet fog:

BP and their fellow pilferers have for the past century or so raped the planet in an effort to make their massive amounts of dollars in the oil industry. I understand that this is a necessary evil to run – essentially – the planet. This is where I start to get a little angry though…as I’m sure most people do.

These ‘energy’ conglomerates haven’t ever thought of the environment in their search for the next barrel of oil. Now that the foreseeable demise of oil has been predicted, and other ‘alternative’ energy sources are starting to be embraced; now is when the oil companies are deciding that the pollution of the planet – the pollution that they are GREATLY responsible for – is a priority. I would commend them on their efforts if it wasn’t for the fact that the only reason these Barons care about the environment right now is the fact that their bottom line won’t be as padded when the oil runs out.

In comes BP with their answer to greener fuels. Let me recap that statement – ‘Greener Fuels’. Fuels being the keyword here. What I am baffled about is the fact that they haven’t changed their mentality at all. Isn’t the cause of the giant holes in our O-zone layer a resultant of methane? And sure, it may burn cleaner than oil, but aren’t they just destroying another part of the planet – by drilling and pilfering the Alaskan frontier – so we can burn another fuel into the air?

I am obviously not clever enough to understand the big picture here. But with alternatives to burning fuel and ripping up yet another landscape on our planet in the name of renewable & cleaner energy (which, in this case, I don’t believe to be true), can’t their staff filled with their highly intelligent and creative scientist and engineers figure something better out?

For example, Steorn, who’s very enticing, yet secretive new Steorn Orbo renewable energy (more to follow at the end of Q1 ’07) sounds revolutionary? Let’s take another look at solar power. PowerFilm is just one of many thin film, low cost solar power alternative that seem to be growing around the world, more specifically in Japan and Germany. And so forth. I’m sure if you pop in renewable energy in Google you’ll be able to find at least a bazillion references on said topic. My point being is there are many newer and more viable energy resources out there other than fuel based energy.

I can go on for hours about how it’s not just the oil companies who are to blame, but ourselves as well. Well, anyone who uses a non-renewable energy sourced, non-100% clean burning vehicle for transportation. Or the governments that let the Barons get away with what they get away with just for the greenbacks that cross their desk, but I digress.

What I am really here to rant about is the very obvious circle that BP seems to be completing. The whole, ‘history repeating itself’ if you will. The fact that, if they do find a way to harvest this fuel, it will eventually deplete and they’ll be back in the same place they’re in now.

If you ask me, it’s just plain silly.

  • http://www.mediumandthemessage.com zoe

    it’s not just silly, it’s sad.

    At this point of the game it is essential to think WAY ahead to the future, not just 10 years. Those examples of companies you gave that do that are there. Unfortunately we need more companies to think that way in order to fig. out a way to be truly sustainable.

    What does it matter, if your company will be making billionsof dollars? No one will be around to care.

  • http://www.blogger.com Arrossekime

    Sounds intersting.. Do you appreciate my complicated intellect I have a nice joke. Why did the hubcap fall asleep? Because it was tired.