Paranoia wins again

So, I’ve just returned from a business trip with my boss from the belle Provence and I have to say, I’m a little baffled at the lack of common sense with some of the restrictions that are put on passengers from the airlines. Let me explain…

Our trip consisted of 3 destination in 2 days. A grueling trip, but a decent enough experience. First trip, Toronto to Quebec City. This leg of the journey was beautiful. I’ve pre-checked in online. Went through the electronic process of getting my boarding pass and made my way to security. Now, I’ve flown plenty of times before hand, so I know how to pack/dress to not set off the detectors well enough…and as usual, I pass through security without incident. Our flight arrives in Quebec City, I take a cab to the hotel, check in and we’re off to our business meetings. All goes well, our hosts treat us very well and off to bed.

The second leg of our trip is from Quebec City to Montreal. This is where I have some issues. Let me delve…

I know and you know that you’re not allowed to bring obvious dangerous articles on board of a flight. You know, your standard knives, guns, explosive device, blah blah… I’m not going to go into it, you can check it out HERE. One thing I didn’t notice on the website was toothpaste.

Let me go into a little more detail.

Apparently now – for carry on baggage passengers – you aren’t allowed to bring in your carry on bag any container that is more than 100ml. Well, on my passage through security in the surprisingly small and slow Quebec City airport, I received on of the most thorough searches of my luggage that I think I’ve ever received. I’m going to attribute their thouroughness to boredom and leave it at that…although…as I passed through security – toothpaste(105ml) and shaving gel(didn’t notice the volume) free – I did notice a man in his late 40’s early 50’s, in pretty good shape walking to the plane with a 2.5ft solid oak walking stick. I’m thinking to myself, surely I couldn’t do any damage with a tube of toothpaste or a half full can of shaving gel, but I sure could do some damage with a 2.5ft solid oak walking stick if I were so inclined. That’s when I became quite perplexed. Here I am, a normal dood, with some toothpaste and shaving cream and I’m pulled aside, searched and relieved of my items…this guy gets to walk right to the airplane with what could easily be a weapon. To this I say:

Check your fucking head Air Canada.

To add insult to injury, while arriving from Quebec to Montreal I also noticed a guy researching guns on his laptop through the window that separates the arrivals and departures section (inside the secure zone). And here’s me without toothpaste and shaving gel.

As you can see, I’m a little perturbed by this whole incident. I’m at the point where I really want Air Canada to either a) return my items or b) reimburse me for the items that they’ve taken from me. I know neither of those requests will ever happen and I’ve kind of come to terms with that, I think mostly though, I would just like for the airlines to use common sense.

The last bit of the trip was from Montreal to Toronto was pretty much the same as the first part of the trip – without incident.

I just don’t