Monthly Archives: February 2008

Bell…GAH! Part 2

Is it wrong that after only 2 days of being with Bell, I have their phone system prompts memorized for tech support? I shouldn’t even know their phone number! I should have to look it up every time I need it. Called again – 10:48am Feb 29th. Spoke with ‘J’, simply ‘J’ – employee number […]

Bell…GAH! Part 1

I swear, Bell Canada is the reason why people put bombs in buildings. Let me explain. Backstory: Because of a dispute with ‘the people upstairs’, I no longer have internet. Long story short, the guy is a penis. Now I have to get my own internet. Layout of my living arrangements: I live in a […]

My Niece is published!!

I was quite impressed when I got the email from my sister Sherri telling me that my niece was published in the Hamilton Spectator. Apparently, she had written quite the poem. Her teachers had been so impressed by it, they sent it to the paper to be published in the Pulse section of the Hamilton […]

Dell…Dell, dell, dell, dell, dell….

This is going to be long, so bear with me… Well, last weekend (the 26th, 27th) my computer decided to up and die. It wasn’t a quick death…it was a slow death over the weekend, but alas, it ended in death. After a week or so of testing, I’ve determined it’s either the MoBo or […]