My Niece is published!!

I was quite impressed when I got the email from my sister Sherri telling me that my niece was published in the Hamilton Spectator.

Apparently, she had written quite the poem. Her teachers had been so impressed by it, they sent it to the paper to be published in the Pulse section of the Hamilton Spectator. I thought it only fitting that she if she was published on standard print, that I, as a proud uncle, should publish it online for the world to see….well the world that stops by my blog anyways.
(my wife Zoë also published it on her blog)

So without further adieu, I present to you ‘Once Upon an Icy World‘ by Kelsey Brewis:

Once Upon an Icy World Artwork - Kelsey Brewis

Once Upon an Icy World

Once Upon and icy world
There became quite a fret;
The animals are facing now
Trouble no one’s met.

The globe is getting warmer, true,
The freezing glaciers gone;
Earth is more dangerous by
Each and every dawn.

What can I do to stop it?
Little children say,
I don’t want the animal’s homes
Changing every day.

Recycle everything you can,
Use fluorescent lights,
Buy a hybrid vehicle
And you’ll be saving polar ice!

Artwork and poem by Kelsey Brewis
Grade 5, Queensdale Public School

Congratulations Kelsey, I’m proud of you!

  • Amber

    Well, I may not be as technically inclined as you guys – but this poem stars a place on my wall at work and in the kitchen – a la sticky tape!


    I hope to someday get a autographed copy!

  • admin

    Coolio! I’m particularly proud of her myself!