Bell…GAH! Part 1

I swear, Bell Canada is the reason why people put bombs in buildings. Let me explain.

Backstory:Why Bell, whyyyy...
Because of a dispute with ‘the people upstairs’, I no longer have internet. Long story short, the guy is a penis. Now I have to get my own internet.

Layout of my living arrangements:
I live in a big house that’s been split into 3 apartments. 1 big one on the upstairs level, 2 basement apartments. I live in one of the basement apartments.

Part 1:
In my journey to get internet, I called the local cable provider – Rogers and spoke with a guy named Al. This was on the 19th of February. He sets up my account, tells me the installation will be on the 20th of February. I have a very pleasant experience, the guy shows up with modem in hand on the day that he’s supposed to be there, but unfortunately because of the wiring in my apartment I can’t get Rogers. Crap.

Only other affordable alternative…Bell Canada Sympatico. Sigh. Simply uttering the words Bell Sympatico gives me an immediate feeling of dread. I haven’t uttered the words Bell for about 8 years when I was finally free from them. Long story short, Bell is a penis…

….but, my only other affordable alternative for internet.

Part 2:
I call Bell. I call them on Feb 21. I speak with Stacey Kendrick. She’s very nice. I set up my account (which costs me $20 for some reason…sidenote: free for Rogers, but whatever). She tells me the tech will be out on the 25th. Hmmm…ok. I ask if I have to be there. She said no. I ask, well if I’m not there, how are they going to be able to test the line to make sure they have set up the right phone line. She said it wasn’t a problem. I proceed to explain to her that there are 2 basement apartments and ask for an explanation of how they will be able to differentiate the phone lines for each. She said the tech will be able to figure it out and that I shouldn’t worry about it. This gives me cause for concern, but I let it slide…against my better judgment.

I also tell her to send my modem (which doesn’t come with the tech for some reason) to my WORK address. Knowing how Bell works, I ask her to confirm that it’s being sent to my work…I make her repeat the address where the modem is going to be sent. Everything sounds good.

Tech shows up on the 25th while I’m at work and ‘Surprise!!!’ has a problem. I don’t find out until after 5 so, I call back on the 26th. She says that a tech will be back out some time the next week…I say no. Now a tech is available on the 28th. Wow…

Sidenote: I still haven’t received my modem yet. So I ask, where’s my modem…she said that it was being sent out on the 26th. Ok, I confirm that it’s being sent to my work. Confirmed.

The 27th of Feb. I wait patiently. Going against my gut feeling that I should probably call Bell to make sure things haven’t gone south again, I wait to call again until the 28th. When I call, I find out my modem has been sent to my home address…GAH!

Well, I say to myself, look at the bright side – at least you have your modem in your hands. I get home on the 28th to find a piece of paper shoved in my door from Bell saying that the line is hooked up and there are no problems. YaY! Now feeling giddy as a schoolrunt, I run inside, tear open my modem package, read through the setup instructions and setup the modem. I am mockingly greeted by a flashing DSL light on the modem. I go to the manual and check the troubleshooting section – no help. I call Bell:

Called Bell Tech Support – 6:30pm Feb 28th…no name, call apparently not logged – Tells me that because this is a new account, and has just been hooked up, that it won’t be active until around 11ish. I wait.

No internet, called again – 11:32pm Feb 28th…Spoke with Ali – told me to wait until midnight, because this is a new account, it has to switch over and that doesn’t happen until midnight. I scratch my head and wait.

No internet, called again – 12:15am Feb 29th…no name, call apparently not logged. told me to wait until morning

No internet, called again – 6:30am Feb 29th…Spoke with Tyler, he tells me that it’s some kind of billing issue…call billing at 8am. I say, now wait, it’s a blinking light on my modem, how can this be a billing issue, clearly it a technical issue. Tyler is very certain that I have to call Billing when they open at 8am. Okayyy…

No internet, called again – 8:01am Feb 29th…after dealing with Bell’s idiotic voice recognition system and asking for bell, I spoke with Minu (somehow i got shifted to technical support), apparently it’s a technical issue – Whoa, really? no way! – and she finally does something related to tech support and opens a trouble ticket. Although now, I may have to wait another 24 to 48 hours. WHAT?!?! I swear for the first time in years at a phone monkey. Damn.

So, I call Rogers, get immediate service in one phone call. I call Bell, what 6 times…over 2 weeks now? And still no real service. Bell is a penis.

Still no internet…will keep you posted

  • Colin

    Funny… I’ve had Bell Sympatico for almost ten years – including 2 moves – and all was seemless and painless. My only complaint with Bell customer service is that damn Emily robot… thankfully a CSR gave me a tip a while that allows you to skip straight to a rep… As soon as Emily starts in, hit ‘0’ four times – hello human!

  • admin

    Really? I wish I had your luck with Bell…lol. I was wondering how you get around Emily. 0000 eh? Thanks a bunch for that little bit of info, that’ll make my next call a little less painful.