Bell…GAH! Part 2

Is it wrong that after only 2 days of being with Bell, I have their phone system prompts memorized for tech support? I shouldn’t even know their phone number! I should have to look it up every time I need it.Why Bell, whyyyy...

Called again – 10:48am Feb 29th. Spoke with ‘J’, simply ‘J’ – employee number – XN281. 10:52am, finally get to check on the status of my account. This time I’m in billing. Get him to make sure there are no issues with my billing before I go to tech support. Account is still ‘In Progress’. What the hell does that mean?

For this next part please take note of todays date. For those who have missed it, it’s the 29th today.

I ask ‘When will it get out of ‘In Progress’ and be working?’. His response was ‘It will be out of ‘In progress’ on Feb 28th.’ Silence. I say ‘It will be out of ‘In progress’ on the 28th you say?’. He says ‘Yes’. Silence. I pause and try to digest what he just said. Then I say ‘Yesterday was the 28th’. Silence. ‘Could you hold on for one minute sir while I check on the status of your account?’. I say ‘Sure’.

He spoke with Mary in High speed internet. Huh?? Wasn’t he going to see if my account was in good standing? So I ask him ‘Weren’t you going to check to see if my account was in good standing and if it was still ‘in progress’ or not?’. He said ‘Yes’. I say ‘Well tell me the answer to those two questions please.’. Finally…a straight answer shines through – ‘It’s not a billing issue and your account isn’t ‘in progress’ anymore.’ Hallelujah! I’m done with billing…I hope.

Transferred to Tech support 11:05am – Surjeet – now it’s going to take 72 hours, not including the weekend, to get this fixed. You’ve gotta be $@#%ing joking me.

Complaints – Supervisor – Raj – So I’m waiting to get transferred to Raj to file a complaint and I get passed to a phone line with a high pitched tone. Nice.

Excellent customer service Bell. You guys are penises.