Monthly Archives: March 2008

Star Wars Marathon – Ep. 6…Done!

Episode 6: Return of the Jedi done! Start time: 9:14pm End time: 11:31pm Thoughts: We’ve done it! We really have! Conrad, Robin, Zoe and I (special mention to Tim, Mike and Michelle)! We’ve done the 6 in one fell swoop! Pats on the back all around!! I think this is definately my favorite. Green chicks, […]

Star Wars Marathon – Ep. 5…Done!

Episode 5: Empire Strikes Back done! Start time: 7:11pm End time: 9:14pm Thoughts: at 8:30pm it appears that Zoe is examining the inside of her eyelids. Robin followed suit not too much longer. I’m not sure if they actually saw the end of Empire, but they are still troopers nonetheless. We’re almost done now, 1 […]

Star Wars Marathon – Ep. 4…Done!

Episode 4: A New Hope done! Start time: 5:00pm End time: 7:01pm Thoughts: Can’t get any more bang on 2 hours than that! Noticed that Luke has started using the Whiny side of the Force. The story flowed pretty decent from the new to the old flicks. And finally, Han Solo! The best character in […]

Star Wars Marathon – Ep. 3…Done!

Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith done! Start time: 2:05pm End time: 4:19pm Thoughts: I think this was my favorite of the first 3. Although, not a fan of the child spoiler. Still, my favorite. Mike and Michelle showed up at around 3:20pm and joined the Marathon for a bit. But I’m sad to say, […]

Star Wars Marathon – Ep. 2…Done!

Episode 2: Attack of the Clones done! Start time: 11:30am End time: 1:47pm Thoughts: Why do the Clones even have armour? It only takes one shot to kill them anyways. I’m thinking that the Federation could have saved mega-moula on armour and made much meaner weapons…or more Clones. Oh, and Yoda is bad-ass. One casualty […]

Star Wars Marathon – Ep. 1…Done!

Episode 1: Phantom Menace done! Start time: 9:04am End time: 11:21am Thoughts: Shouldn’t Sam Jackson be saying ‘Motha Fucka’ after every line?

Star Wars Marathon – Here we go!

Today THE Star Wars Marathon starts! I will post throughout the day with times and whatnot. Stay tuned. Here’s what’s happened so far: 6:22am – Zoe and I wake up 6:30am – Zoe and I wake up again 6:49am – Zoe and I leave for Conrad and Robin’s for the marathon 7:15am – We stop […]