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Finally! It’s been quite a while since I’ve been inspired to listen to a full album by one of today’s cookie cutter artists (think alexis on fire, et al), but I’ve recently acquired the latest Raconteurs album ‘Consolers of the Lonely’ and I must say – “Job well done boys!”.

It’s the first album in a long time that I’ve listened to from start to finish and actually enjoyed every track. It just makes me think that when the artists have their own creative freedom (which I’m hoping is the case here) that great music can again be achieved.

I had waves of Led Zeppelin, Queen, Black Crowes and of course The Raconteurs when I had the chance to absorb this album. Again, great job boys.

Last thing, I must mention is how super fly awesome I think their site is. Being a bit of an older school geek, I fell in love with the key press navigation. It reminded me of when I got to make my own choose your own adventure games in Basic when I was in high school. Oops, I think i just dated myself.

So, visit the site, download the album (off their site) and enjoy a great album.

  • http://www.mediumandthemessage.com zoe

    thank you! you’ve turned me on to so much great music and yet another gem. but i, much like you, am really surprised that you’ve picked something you can hear on regularly on edge 102.1….we all know how bad the music is that they play.

    the music today sound so much alike (whiney) but this stuck i really want to rock out to!


  • Amber

    Great choice! FYI – “The Raconteurs name was already taken by a jazz band in Australia, so to make things easier, and in the spirit of espionage and subversion, they have decided to become The Saboteurs in Australia only.”

    What do you think of Jack White’s other band the White Stripes?

    Lil Sis

  • admin

    That is a fun tidbit of info! It’s interesting to hear stuff like that from across the way.

    I thought some of the stuff from the White Stripes was pretty fun, but it sounded a little more manufactured. I’m really digging the Raconteurs though. I think it sounds like they’ve actually had some freedom in what they got to put on this album. I will definitely give the White Stripes another listen because of this album though.

  • admin

    Zoe, you’ve been great at picking up new music over the time that I’ve met you. I’m glad I have a small part in your appreciation of music.

    I too am shocked that I liked something that the Edge played! Although, there have been a few things that the Edge have turned me on to over the last little while that has really surprised me.

    I agree with you 100%. I think the fans nowadays are smartening up and want a tasted of some good ol’ fashioned rock. I hope that in the days/years to come, we can get some more good music turned out.

    Fingers are crossed!

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