Monthly Archives: July 2008

Good Job O.P.P.

I’d like to say Good Job O.P.P. guys! I’m specifically talking about the ones on the commuter line from Hamilton to Toronto (Markham). Let me ‘splain. For those of you who don’t know, we have commuter lanes going through Mississauga and up the 404. These lanes are designated for vehicles with 2 or more passengers […]

I wish I had a Ford Focus to drive around in…

So, the buzz around the interweb is that Ford is handing out Ford Focus’s to test drive. I’m wondering why they haven’t asked me?? I don’t get it? I’m good looking, I’m young, I’m a bit of a gear ‘n gadget guy, I have a big commute in the morning, I’m good looking….ummm… It must […]