I wish I had a Ford Focus to drive around in…

Ford Focus So, the buzz around the interweb is that Ford is handing out Ford Focus’s to test drive. I’m wondering why they haven’t asked me?? I don’t get it? I’m good looking, I’m young, I’m a bit of a gear ‘n gadget guy, I have a big commute in the morning, I’m good looking….ummm…

It must be my Ninja double life that worries them. I don’t think they want me to get my throwing stars stuck in the upholstery.

Please, someone get back to me and let me know why I’m being ignored! I’m starting to feel ignored! You won’t like a Ninja when he feels ignored!

Just in case I wasn’t clear: I want a Ford Focus to play with!!


  • matsukes

    We here at Ford Motor company considered you for our test program but your X girlfriend called us and warned us about your bad habits! Don’t worry though, we passed your name to Kia!

  • admin

    That’s slander! Whatever she told you is all lies!

    You can pass Kia’s name to Hyundai. Both contain equal amounts of evil for me. I think the only thing I like about Kia is their commercial.

    So, alas, it can only be a Ford Focus for me…