Flock Home

Flock Home

I’ve recently discovered Flock. Let me tell you, the more I use it, the more I like it.  So far, it’s helped me whittle my google homepage down from 6 pages to 3(ish), kept me on top of my emails and rss feeds, and umpteen other neat-o-rific things.

Some of the things I must say I am really liking is the ability to blog from right inside the browser – no addon needed (which is what I’m doing with this post), mass upload images to various image depots and the sexiest thing I think I like is the clipboard feature.

I don’t think I can properly explain to you the handiness of this browser, you’ll just have to check it out yourself.  Let me just say that it has dethroned Firefox as my default browser.

Flock is definitely ready to Rock!

  • http://digitaltodd.com digitaltodd

    i am using flock now… because of your recommendation. i like a ll of it’s built in features and that you can add FF3 extensions to it as well.
    thanks for the tip.

  • http://www.mediumandthemessage.com zoe

    same here james -i had heard about flock from someone else but wasn’t very motivated to use it. you showing me all the cool stuff..flock is PERFECT for what i do. tha clipboard feature is da bomb *~o