My Commute by the (shaky) numbers

DST Triangle

It has been brought to my attention – on several occasions, by several people – that I’m crazy.

Why am I crazy? I would like to believe it’s because of my daring and adventurous nature. But alas, it’s mostly when they ask about my commute to work, how far I drive and how long it takes me. Sometimes they outright say that I must be crazy; sometimes I can just see it in their expressions. The next question that usually follows is ‘How is your drive into work from Hamilton?’. For that, I’ve developed a rough equation.

Here are the stats:
Distance: I drive 100KM each way to work. So, on any given work day, I drive a minimum of 200KM.
Time: This can take anywhere from 1.5 hours (one way) to 3 hours (one way). So on any given work day, I am in the car for a range of 3 to 6 hours.
Speed: This ranges from 0 Km/hour to 120(ish) KM/hour.

Using a modification of the DST Triangle (pictured above), I’ve added a coefficient for ‘Stupid’ to roughly calculate how long it will take me to get to work in the morning.

Now, ‘Stupid’ is a variable that changes based on day of the week, time of day, accidents and direction of travel on the 400 series highways. To avoid complication, I have left out the ‘I’m a Torontonian and I own the road’ factor because this get’s canceled out when driving on any 400 series highway, through any major city in the Golden Horseshoe. Here is a coefficient chart for the days of the week:

Day of the Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Coefficient for Stupid 0.71428 0.65789 0.55556 0.71428 0.833333

Let’s assume that distance never changes and the average speed is 80KM/h (so says google maps). Then the coefficient of ‘Stupid’ get’s applied to speed. So, with that, distance = d, speed = s = 80KM/h, time = t and stupid = st:

d / st(s) = t
100KM / st(80KM/h) = t

Now, whatever you get for ‘t’, multiply that by 70 and you get the answer to how much I hate driving to work every morning ( <75 being don't really mind at all, >100 = pulling my hair out ).

Things to Note: Rate of speed can vary. This equation doesn’t factor in weather. This isn’t really based on any hard data, all values are based on my subjective data that I’ve collected over the last 2.5 years of doing this commute.

So please, before you ask me how my commute to work was, please do the calculations yourself. You may save yourself an earful 🙂

Some people ask me WHY I continue to do this commute. Well, I generally just smile and tell them that I love the job, and the people are great. I also ask them to pressure the boss to let me work from home and give me a travel allowance. Fingers crossed!