The vacant Gord Miller and his uninspired idea be gordy miller

I came across this article on CP24 today titled ‘Watchdog wants tolls to reduce traffic, pollution‘ and became immediately irritated.

This sounds like another attempt to squeeze every last dime from the working man. What, does this narrow minded man want? 407 type tolls placed on the highways that we’ve already paid for with our hard earned money.

I can’t speak for everyone, but something seems inherently wrong about being made to pay for something thrice. We pay to get the road built with our taxes, out taxes go to maintaining those roads, now we have to pay for using those roads?

I don’t see how adding a toll to our highways is going to alleviate traffic at all. These highways are used by people who need to use them to get to work. The every day working man!

Weren’t the HOV lanes supposed to be incentive enough to alleviate traffic in congested areas? I’d say that considering that underwhelming success paired with the idiotic restrictions about using them, that adding tolls won’t be much of an incentive to stay off the highways.

Also, what does this genius think this will do to the traffic surrounding the highways? Does he think that all the cars are going to magically disappear because there’s been a toll placed on the roads? If the highways are that bad, just imagine what the main streets will turn into!

This guy has to get his head screwed on right. It’s clearly a cash grab in the veil of ‘environmental consciousness’ where we as the working man will pay the price. It’s flat out disgusting. Being the environmental commissioner, I think gordy has a responsibility to come up with a strategy that’s a little more creative instead of the dribble that he’s presented thus far. Although, given the vacant look that he seems to sport on a daily basis, I suppose there’s not much hope of that happening.

  • zoeDisco

    I read this in the paper today and thought the EXACT same thing. I want to see the proof (i.e. statistics) that toll roads reduce cars on the road and help the environment. BS!nnz

  • James Holmes

    Ugh…it’s so frustrating to see things like this.u00a0 The worst of them being – in my eyes – the 407.